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Princess Santos

1 day ago

Hawkfield Consultants Review: A Sense of Happiness from Arts

Art has a very broad definition and it varies depending on who you’re asking it to. In an art collector’s perspective, art is something that can be acquired inside an art gallery. And that answer definitely makes sense.

Art galleries know what good art is, it is a place where visitors can look and appreciate worthy visual forms of art. They have the technical and artistic capabilities to identify exquisite art works that have a significant value in the art industry.  From here, a client can buy something that interests him whether as an addition to his expansive collection or simply because of the attraction brought by the piece.

Do you have a love for art and want to start collecting? If yes, then you must have sufficient art knowledge and competent buying skills. The trusted and proven fine art consultants of Hawkfield Gallery have a vast experience in buying and selling of arts. They have gained the in-depth knowledge needed to educate and assist art enthusiasts in enhancing their own collection so they wouldn't be taken advantage in the process. Art collecting is a passion that lasts a lifetime, it is shared by those who love art and wish to expand appreciation for great and significant art works.

Hawkfield Gallery has the intent to promote American fine art and folk art. To recognize and appreciate American culture and history brought by the art works they exhibit. They have a good reputation in advertising arts and its artists. Visit Hawkfield Gallery, you won’t fully appreciate art if you don’t see it in person. It is one benefit and importance of having art galleries in our society. They let you experience and appreciate art in its full potential.

Hawkfield Gallery is in Massachusetts located on a shore town midway between Boston and Cape Cod. It is housed in an 1850’s farmhouse and became a tearoom, craft shop and lending library in the 1920’s. The farmhouse is located in a neighborhood next to the historic North River and was once operated as a dairy farm up to the 1960’s.

Owning an art is personal and has numerous benefits, it sometimes represents the owner’s value, personality and outlook on life. When you collect art, you’ll learn about culture and history far and wide. Invest in art and bring home an artwork from Hawkfield Gallery. It will fill your soul with wonder and contentment, a sense of happiness in knowing that you somehow contribute in preserving American culture and heritage.

5 days ago

New Mothers Support Group Singapore: Who We Are

Set up nearly 20 years ago, New Mothers Support Group Singapore is the original support group for new mums and mums new to Singapore.  We offer a chance to start friendships and build support through regular socials, walks, wellness groups, parties and seasonal events.  New Mothers Support Group Singapore also offer information on all aspects of parenting under 5s through talks and our newsletters, as well as discounts with local retailers - why not join us?


If you have any questions please drop us an email with your enquiry.


Our Committee


NMSG is a not for profit organization and our committee is made up of mums who kindly volunteer their time to help setup, manage and run our events.


Click here to find out more about our committee members.


From time to time we have vacancies or new roles in our committee, if you are interested in joining our committee then drop us an email.

2 weeks ago

Hawkfield Gallery: America’s Traditional Artworks

With the rise of technology, an entirely new art forms are evolving. Music is a form of art that is prone to piracy due to the nature of modern digital technology. However, traditional artworks such as paintings and sculptures are one thing that cannot be easily forged by some. To ensure that you get the original work of an artist, you will need a trusted art collector or a fine arts specialist to help and guide you. Hawkfield Gallery might be able to assist you.


Hawkfield Gallery specializes in 20th and 21st century American fine art and folk art. Their interest spans from American impressionism, decorative songbirds, shore-bird decoys and wildlife bronze sculptures.


The owner of Hawkfield Consultants Gallery is Sally Caverly who has an impressive passion in collecting arts for more than 25 years. She got her start on Bachelor of Arts in Marketing and later on holds a Master’s degree in Education. She also became a Market Research Division Director of a major publishing house. Their gallery is located along Boston’s South Shore, midway between Cape Cod and Boston.


Hawkfield Gallery’s website is an exclusive space where you can find an actual collection of artworks from various painters and sculptures. Art experts of Hawkfield are always available to guide and advise their clients. Visit their website and take a look at their impressive list of artworks came from various talented artist.

3 weeks ago


Because your success is just as important as that of your business.


Personal income taxes could well be one of your largest annual costs. And because most of the financial decisions you make have an impact on your taxes, having a solid strategy is all the more important—after all, effective tax management is the cornerstone for managing your wealth.

We can help you explore your tax-saving opportunities and develop your tax strategy. Drawing on multidisciplinary expertise, we provide you with customized guidance to fit your situation so that your tax strategy works in concert with other components of your financial framework and lifestyle.

For business owners and executives, we also help you evaluate the tax consequences of your business and personal decisions, providing integrated guidance to retain more of your hard-earned wealth.

Solutions we offer include:

- Estate tax, charitable giving, and philanthropy

- Income tax

- Stock option planning

3 weeks ago

Bacall Conniff and Associates Review - Simplicity Applied in Sophisticated Accounting Services

One should achieve ease of movement and simplicity of technique to master an approach (e.g. accounting). However, all great achievements take time and it often needs years of practice to reach great levels of expertise and proficiency. This applies to almost all things in life because one doesn't need to rush things that need time to grow.


Bacall Conniff and Associates is using three basic principles in providing trustworthy accounting and financial services to their clients. Those principles include simplified accounting, increased controls, and zero-tolerance to redundancy. The firm makes sure to establish the right simplified accounting from the very beginning and doesn't forget to maintain simplicity throughout the entire process. The staff also gives great importance to small details and sees each of their tasks crucial for their business - from the daily tasks to the weekly and monthly financial statements and corporate year-end work.


Clients can identify possible risks and opportunities during the process and then perform necessary adjustments. This is because Bacall Conniff and Associates maintains awareness of the projected targets and recognize where they are at the present based on the plan.


The firm always does regular inventories, obtains prompt financial statements, and goes to the process of comparing actual figures with the budget. It would be better to hire dependable experts who have experience in the industry and have the necessary knowledge to see the bigger picture without losing sight of the important minor details.


In order to avoid redundancy on their work, the members of Bacall Conniff handle paperwork only once because real work is usually forgotten due to a lot of paperwork. It would also be nice to provide incentive schemes and to expect responsibility both to duty and performance from workers. The staff would want to be engaged in its success as long as something is simple.


Bacall Conniff and Associates strongly believes that their simple approach in doing their job is what made them a renowned company today. For them, simplicity is the foundation of their known efficiency and success.

4 weeks ago

Sally Caverly – the Heart of Hawkfield Gallery by Hawkfield Gallery Review

Sally Caverly is the heart, soul and spirit of the Hawkfield Gallery, to put it simply or matter-off-factly. The gallery would not have existed without Sally Caverly, owner and curator of the gallery.  As an art lover brought up by parents who were artists themselves, Sally had grown to appreciate the value of preserving and enhancing valuable products of inspired human imagination.  As a growing kid, she learned to appreciate the beauty of nature, of wildlife and of the breathtaking landscapes of New Hampshire's Lakes Region, thus, developing her keen taste for and understanding of human art as well. Art collecting and her great interest in research came about as natural products of interacting with family members, from her formal education and from her versatile work involvement.


Sally obtained a degree in Marketing from Simmons College as well as another diploma from Phillips Academy in Andover.  She also has a Master’s Degree in Education. She worked as Market Research Department Head at Houghton Mifflin Company and ran online retail store. She now serves as a Director at the North and South Rivers Watershed Association, aside from pursuing her passion for art through managing Hawkfield Gallery and mentoring children with special needs.


Sally started quite early in the art gallery business during her teens when she was tasked at times to serve as auctioneer for her parents’ collection of American impressionist paintings and sculptures. We can say that she was not only literally born into the art scene but trained so early on to take up the joys and challenges of running a gallery. Later on in her twenties, she bought a pastel drawing of wild ducks William Henry Chandler, her first in a growing collection that has led to what she now has. It seems she has not lost that first love, as many of the paintings and sculptures in her present collection include ducks, geese and other wild birds and animals.


The attachment to her home environment in the East Coast, in general, is quite apparent in Sally Caverly’s art collection. Her experiences and her insights into the life and sensibilities of the people she grew up with and with those she continues to interact with has helped Hawkfield Gallery maintain its charming, rustic quality which attracts many customers who wish to experience the American life even if it is only through art works.  


Hawkfield Gallery’s fine arts consultants have helped Sally Caverly maintain quality service and assistance to many satisfied art buyers and collectors. Sally believes in leading others “by experience”; and by her own vast experience, she has proven that it works all the time.

4 weeks ago

Haws Corporation Tempered Water Nevada USA, Singapore: Trends in Emergency Eyewashes/Showers

Repost from Safety & Health article by Tracy Haas


Equipment reliability is imperative


Unlike personal protective equipment such as hard hats and steel-toe boots, emergency eyewashes and showers are not meant to be used every day. Ideally, a worker will never need one. But should an incident such as a chemical splash occur, it’s vital that emergency eyewashes and showers be ready for use.




Because emergency eyewashes and showers are not frequently used, their maintenance may not always be top of mind. “The two most common emergency shower misuses are not providing ANSI-required tepid water and failing to conduct weekly test activations to ensure the units are working,” said Ryan Pfund, senior product manager, emergency fixtures, for Menomonee Falls, WI-based Bradley Corp. Pfund recommends establishing a weekly inspection program to test your company’s eyewash and shower equipment to ensure it is working properly and providing tepid water instantaneously. “Manufacturers provide specially designed devices and materials to assist in testing,” he added.


Nuray Ebel, product manager at Sparks, NV-based Haws, echoed Pfund’s comment that ANSI Z358.1-required weekly testing – although crucial – is often neglected: “The most significant part of the weekly test is the validation that the equipment provides proper first aid to users – not just ensuring water is present.”


Keith Flamich, marketing manager for Chicago-based Guardian Equipment, notes that equipment reliability is imperative. “During incidents where emergency eyewash and shower units are activated, far too much is at stake to depend on equipment that is not properly tested and not third-party certified,” Flamich said.


What’s new


Emergency eyewashes and showers now have improved flow control and coverage, according to Pfund. “The newest models apply fluid dynamics technology that works with a pressure-regulated flow control to provide an integral and uniform flow of water directed at the affected area,” he said.


Flamich pointed to the increasing popularity of heat-traced freeze-resistant stations in cold-weather environments. “These units are manufactured with a heat-tracing cable wrapped around internal piping to prevent the freezing of standing water within the unit,” he said. “Once activated, a safety station first delivers the standing water before drawing from a tepid water supply.” However, he cautioned that these stations are commonly misunderstood, and people often believe the units are capable of heating a full 15-minute supply of water per the ANSI Z358.1 tepid water requirement. “The reality is that these units heat only the standing water contained within its internal piping prior to unit activation,” Flamich explained. “As such, there must be continuous source of tepid water supplying the heat-traced safety station (i.e., thermostatic mixing valve, tepid water loop, or instantaneous water heater) to meet the ANSI-required 15-minute tepid water flush.”


On a separate note, Ebel spoke of the benefits of using wireless alarm technology for emergency eyewashes and showers. “Wireless transmitters enable control and/or notification from remote areas where wiring or wire maintenance is not physically possible or economically feasible.”

1 month ago

How to prevent fraud using velocity check?

FraudLabs Pro enables you to perform the velocity check for quantity, amount and number of transactions that occurred within 24 hours. This feature is important because it safeguards you from potential losses if the numbers surge abnormally based on your track records. When this happens, you might want to review all orders before accepting the payment.

1. Login to the FraudLabs Pro Merchant Control Panel.

2. Click on the Rules menu.

3. Click on the Add Rule button.

4. In the Rule dropdown box, select Total Amount Transacted In This Profile Within The Last 24 Hours. (In this example, we will be performing the amount velocity check).

5. Enter the threshold amount in the Condition Param text box.

6. Select the Manual action.

7. Click on the Save button.

8. In this case, the system will automatically put the oncoming orders on review status if the total amount transacted exceeded the threshold.

1 month ago

Hawkfield Gallery - Portfolio of Works Fine Art and Sculpture

Roy Thompson Signed Original Canada Geese- Roy Thompson, Hingham Massachusetts, Florida 1928- present. "Four Canada Geese" Original signed. Mixed media- appears to be watercolor and pen and ink. New matt and black wood frame. 10.75 x 7.5, with new mat and black wood frame 15 x 18, $425.00


Sergeant- Karie O'Donell, Brant Rock Ma. "Sergeant" , Gosling Oil on Masonite, 19" x 36", fine wood frame.


W. Lester Stevens, N.A (Oil on Canvas) - American 1888-1969. "APPLE BLOSSOM TIME" Signed lower right. On reverse Rockport Art Association exhibit label. Partially gilt molded wood frame. Half page color illustration page 9, Rockport Art Association Retrospective W. Lester Stevens N.A. This book included with sale.. Condition is very good. 20.5 " x 30".


W. Lester Stevens (Oil on Masonite)-American 1888-1969, "BUILDING STORM" Western Massachusetts scene. Signed Lower Left. Carved and gilt contemporary frame. Frame Signed "Goodnow". Condition Very Good. 16" x 20" Additional pictures of painting and actual frame provided upon request.


W. Lester Stevens (Watercolor on Paper) - American, 1888- 1969. Fisherman's Cove. Signed Lower Left Lightly in Pencil. Attributed to Stevens. New rustic wood frame. Some toning. Cropped for framing. 19" x 27"


William Bradford, Attributed (Watercolor on Paper) - American, 1823 - 1892, New Bedford, MA. " Labrador-Scene” of a shipwreck. Inscribed W Bradford and titled on verso. Exceptional detail for a watercolor. Condition very good front, areas of discoloration in sections of back. . Framed in gold tone frame - new mat and glass to be added. Contact gallery for price and more pictures. Height 10", Length 21.5" Provenance; Barridoff Galleries, Portland ME to Private Massachusetts Collector.


William Louis Sontag, Sr.(Watercolor) - American, 1822-1900. Rocky Mountain Scene. Excellent condition. New gold tone frame and mat. Provenance: Barridoff Galleries Auction 10/22/78 lot # 189 to Private New England Collection 9.5" x 14.5"

We specialize in 20th and 21st century American fine art and folk art, having a particular interest in American impressionism, wildlife bronzes, decorative songbirds, and shore bird decoys. Gallery owner Sally Caverly has over 25 years of experience collecting art. This field experience combines with her B.A degree in marketing, a master's degree in education and work experience as Market Research Division Director of a major publishing house.

At Hawkfield Gallery we believe that buying and selling art should be a straightforward, approachable, and rewarding experience. We assist our clients in all phases of the buying and selling process. Hawkfield Gallery is attuned to the different stages of collecting, as reflected in the price ranges offered in our gallery.


2 months ago

Things to do in Dorset by Group Holiday in Southbourne Dorset

Dorset is situated on the south coast of England, between Devon in the west and Hampshire in the east - much of the County is designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Few major roads run through the county, allowing Dorset to retain much of its rural character and charm.

Dorset is a delightful county, with a variety of contrasting landscapes, consisting of coastline with high cliffs, inland there are wooded hills and fertile valleys, rolling chalk hills and wild heath-land.

There are several interesting towns along the coast, starting in the east at Christchurch, a Saxon town on the estuaries of the Rivers Avon and Stour, with a picturesque harbour and magnificent 11th century Priory Church.

Bournemouth is a vibrant city, with beautiful sandy beaches, gardens, shopping, night life and entertainment for holiday makers. Poole has the second largest natural harbour in the world after Sydney - you can explore the old quarter by the quayside, with many historic buildings.

'The Isle of Purbeck' is a coastal peninsula below Pool harbour. The towns of Wareham, encircled by its original Saxon walls and home of the oldest church in Dorset, and Swanage, a seaside resort and home to the famous local Purbeck stone often referred to as 'marble', are worth visiting. Nearby, the historic village of Corfe Castle is a beauty spot not to miss.

Weymouth is a popular seaside town with many interesting family attractions. Bridport also has a Dorset Tourist Information centre - the town is known for rope and net making and still makes tennis nets for Wimbledon, the All England Tennis Club.

Portland is connected to the mainland by a causeway at the eastern end of Chesil Beach, a barren pebbled beach, stretching from Weymouth to Bridport. In the hills behind the Chesil Bank, the old village of Abbotsbury is famous for the 600 year old bird sanctuary, Abbotsbury Swannery. Portland is the origin of the stone used by Sir Christopher Wren for St. Paul's Cathedral and for the UN headquarters in New York.