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Galveston Capital Tourism and Marketing Review- Spring Migration is Happening Now!

Grab your camera. Spring Migration is Happening Now!



Spring is in the air! That means hundreds of migrating birds are heading north across the Gulf from Central and South America and Galveston is one of their first stops.



If you're a bird-watcher or nature photographer, you may already know that the Galveston Feather Fest Birding and Nature Photo Festival is coming up April 6-9. Leading up to the festival, photographers are invited to submit images of wild birds taken in Galveston and surrounding counties. Contest details are here.



The winners each week will be announced on Wednesdays and posted here.



For a little inspiration, the nice folks at Galveston Nature Tourism Council allowed us to assemble this slide show of winners from the 2016 contest.



Be sure to mark your calendar for April 6-9 for the Galveston Birding and Nature Photo Festival and head down to the island.  You are sure to learn something and see some really cool birds!



If you want to participate in any of the trips or workshops, be sure to register early. Many of the events sell out well in advance.



Experience this “causeway cure” where flip-flops replace dress shoes and the scenery at Galveston Capital Tourism and Marketing Review Singapore Texas, Jakarta, Singapore.



Join a group thrilled you have decided to explore Galveston Island.

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Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group Review: Why do different car parts need regular check-ups?


A proper maintenance and regular check-ups are needed for different car parts to ensure that your car will maintain its best condition and performance. To further explain this thought, Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group provided in the following some important car parts and their distinct roles in a car:


Catalytic converters


The year of 1993 marks the birth of catalytic converters, which have been added in all petrol exhaust systems since then. It is built for the purpose of reducing the harmful effects of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and nitrogen being released into the environment every day. Catalytic converters can convert toxic gases into water vapour and less dangerous gases, thus decreasing the effects of those damaging gases. Catalytic converters also need regular check-ups even if can last for a long period of time to guarantee the good performance of your car.




Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group has seasoned brake experts that you can depend on anytime. Getting a cost-effective brake maintenance service is also possible with their company. At least twice a year, you should have the brakes of your car checked to ensure your safety as well as your passengers, and to assure the best performance for average or even beyond average annual mileage cars.


Tyre&Auto Southbourne depots have a wide range of brake systems to choose from for cars and light commercial vehicles. Their customers can also expect free check-ups on their depots, which include a digital measurement of wear on brake pads, discs, drums and shoes, the actual condition of your braking system compiled in a list, and a no-obligation price quote for the works needed to be done.




As a car owner, you should already know the great significance of having your tyres replaced at the right time. Aside from keeping the good performance of your car, this could also ensure the safety of all people concerned while you're driving your car. Knowing the proper size and the type of tyres that fits your car is important and having the assistance of Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group on this subject could be an advantage to you. The company can help you decide which suits your car needs better.


There are different factors that can affect the lifespan of tyres, and these include the mileage of a car, the places it has been frequently used, and the driving habits of the owner.


Regular check-ups on the important parts of your car are worthwhile for extending its lifespan. It would be better to acquire the quality service of a car service provider that you can trust, without hassle and avoid fraud such as the Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group to assure the ideal condition of your car. The company also has trustworthy experts that can deliver an excellent service to their customers due to the fact the each of them possesses advanced tools and distinct techniques.

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Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group Review - Make the Regular Maintenance of your Car a Priority

Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group Review - Make the Regular Maintenance of your Car a Priority

Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group believes that if you make yourself familiar with the maintenance and repair of your car, you can keep its good condition. Ensuring your safety as well as your family while driving a car should also be your priority. And in order to make this right, you need to maintain the safety standards of your car and always keep it in perfect running condition.


The first rule in driving a car is oftentimes learning how to brake properly because each driver should be responsible for their own safety as well as the people around them. Knowing how to properly brake a car usually comes first before learning how to move a car forward or backward.


When it comes to meeting their automobile needs, many residents of South Coast of Hampshire only goes to one place, and it is the Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group – a family-operated company that has an excellent background in trading car parts and accessories. Their services have been proven reliable throughout the years wherein they offer good car servicing, tyres, brake checks, MOT's, and free seasonal tune-ups and check-ups to their customers.


In order to make tyre fitting faster, Tyre&Auto has online transactions that could deliver fast tyre quotation. You can also be certain of their quality car maintenance and repair wherein they can provide a local collect and delivery of your car.


Does your car need an MOT test? Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group can fulfill this need of yours, and included in this examination were checking the safety of your car and the amount of exhaust emission. And to be able to guide you in your yearly MOT certificate requirements, Tyre&Auto provides regular reminders which include the due of your test. This way, you can be certain that you will renew your road tax and your car insurance on time.


Nowadays, most of us need a car to reach our desired destinations every day. And having your own car gives you few advantages such as ease, mobility, and personal comfort; therefore, you should treat your car properly and see to it that you have it checked often.


A person or a family could gain comfort and financial returns from owning a car, however, its benefits don't stop there since a car can also provide emotional or psychological benefits. Tyre&Auto supports this belief on cars because it’s obvious that this tool of transportation serves a crucial role in today’s society. Busy streets and cars were already a part of life. With this belief, Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group continues to give dependable service to their customers and make sure to meet their automobile needs.

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Mercury Capital Advisory






  • Comprehensive review of general partner’s portfolio and strategy
  • Guidance on the development of key marketing and investor due diligence materials for a given fund product
  • In-depth fund performance analysis
  • Advice regarding market conventions, including fund structure, terms and other investor conditions
  • Presentation assessment and coaching
  • Investor follow-up strategy
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CRIB Advisors Mentors Singapore: Crib Society

CRIB Advisors Mentors Singapore: Crib Society

CRIB SOCIETY is the platform to build networks, inspire and be inspired by fellow entrepreneurs.


We are a community of women and entrepreneurs who support and inspire one another through networking forums and lifestyle events.


We welcome all to join our mission of creating women entrepreneurs, especially existing and aspiring women entrepreneurs.


With thoughtfully curated partnerships and events organized throughout the year, from dialogues with fellow entrepreneurs to forums with prominent and successful industry mentors and venture capitalists, from merchandising opportunities to fundraisers, CRIB Society members have plenty of opportunity to get connected with inspiring personalities, showcase their businesses, and to give back to society.

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About Bricon Associates Pte Ltd

Bricon Associates Pte Ltd was established by veteran insurance consultant Ms. Elizabeth Lee. With more than 35 years of industry experience under her belt, Elizabeth has won numerous awards for 90% policy renewals from clients as well as record sales for medical and general insurance businesses. Our insurance company specialize in Car, Home, Health, Dental, Optical and Pregnancy coverage in Singapore


“The success of an insurance program is not how much lower you pay but how much you are helped by it.”

– Elizabeth Lee, founder, Bricon Associates


As the head of Bricon Associates, Elizabeth is committed to quality care for her clients and places a strong emphasis on customer service. The firm’s support team is on call even after office hours, so as to deliver services to clients without delay.


With over 35 years of experience in the business, we possess in-depth knowledge on the various facets of the insurance industry. Our skills and expertise have greatly benefitted our clients, proven by our strong track record in insurance settlement.


Through our close working relationship with doctors and specialists, we are constantly kept abreast of the latest information on medical costs and their impact on our clients. This ensures that both you and your employees are presented with medical schemes and healthcare management plans that are on par with current trends in medical costs.

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Coalition Against Insurance Fraud: Dodging auto premiums should be crime

Lying about garaging vehicles burdens honest drivers


Summer driving season is in full swing. It’s a reminder that dishonest drivers are illicitly registering their vehicles in states where premiums are lower. The Coalition is calling for states to go after these drivers.


Using out-of-state addresses to insure a car illegally reduces the driver’s auto premiums. It also burden honest insurance consumers who insure their vehicles with their real address. They may pay higher auto premiums thanks to drivers who cheat the system.


North Carolina was the first state to tackle this issue by requiring new insureds to show proof of residence before an insurer could write a policy. Out-of-staters were registering their vehicles in North Carolina for the lower auto premiums.


North Carolina recently went a step further and put more teeth in the existing law. Trucking firms are falsely registering their fleets in the state yet have no operations there. The new law requires businesses to prove they ply the roads in the Tar Heel state.


Falsely registering vehicles in New Jersey is a specific insurance crime.


The Coalition seeks a similar law in New York. Bills have stalled, though we and our partners there are planning to reboot in 2017.


A Maryland bill would’ve let insurers rescind policies of drivers who falsely registered their vehicles in the state. The state held a public meeting. An insurer told about a claimed loss in Maryland by an insured who lived in New York — where the insurer doesn’t write coverage. The insurer paid the claim to avoid a baseless yet potentially costly bad-faith suit.


The statehouse will revisit legislation in 2017.


The Coalition strongly supports targeting auto rate evasion. Tough state laws can remove a driver’s incentive to take the risk.  Consumers who lie about where they drive to lower their auto premiums add burdens to the many thousands of honest drivers. This undermines the integrity of the auto-insurance system.


Fraud fighters have taken the forefront on this issue. Stay alert to auto-premium evasion in your state. Tell the Coalition and your state insurance department. Falsely registering a vehicle should be a ticket to jail, not an easy source of summer spending money.


About the author: Howard Goldblatt is director of government affairs for the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud.